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Paratipos collaborative Way of Design Build Attracts the Style firm And the subcontractors together in a focused, team-oriented relationship offering anglers a single source of responsibility and contact. Paratipos has consistently demonstrated its effective Design-Build capabilities and strategy for a delivery system in the industrial and Commercial businesses in public and private industries.


Paratipos has adopted Virtual Style for a process which enhances our services as your Building Manager. The Project Team will create a plan by which Building Information Modeling (BIM) or digital Design & Construction (VDC) can be implemented as a way to mitigate risk into the project's funding or program. This allows for improved review of design records, more accurate project programs, and to be more proactive with conditions that may occur within the field.


Paratipos Construction Management measure surpasses project and Proprietor destinations through organized and predictable frameworks and methodology as applied by an exceptionally capable Project Team particularly chose for each undertaking dependent on their significant experience and capacities.


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